Time to say goodbye…

It’s a strange way to start… normally people starts saying hello and at the end they say goodbye. This time is going to be the other way round.

I start saying goodbye, because today, a new chapter of my life begins: after 15 years in Europe I’m moving to Brazil to begin an adventure: 1 big backpack (and heavy!), a laptop & a camera its all I’m taking with me… That and a lot of amazing memories of this great 15 years!

I’m not sure if I’m sad, happy, nervous or hysterical! Maybe all those feelings and much more, altogether.

For this new chapter, I decided I will start this blog…and you wonder why.
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In July 2014, when I decided to leave Barcelona (Not an easy decision) to move to Brazil and learn to kite surf to become an instructor… I finally felt free! I love Barcelona and the people I met here, but I wasn’t feeling complete! I felt I was just trying to fit in the society working at the office 5 times a week, getting my salary at the end of the month traveling during the weekend, and waiting for Friday to arrive… Or waiting for the summer to do some nice backpacking trips to interesting places.

With this new way of leaving, I don’t want to be waiting for Friday… I want to enjoy every single day!!!
This is the reason why I begin with this blog, to inspire people to travel, to feel free and to enjoy every single day of their lives. Why? BECAUSE WE ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!

So I hope that every time you read one of my posts, you can imagine yourself in that place… or inspires you to start planing how to follow your dreams… the way I’m fullfilling mines.
Let’s start this adventure full of challenges together…