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Nomad as a way of life. Part II

I don’t know if you ever had this feeling, but it used to happen to me, that some days I felt like my life wasn’t complete and I didn’t know why: I used to live in Barcelona, one of the best cities worldwide (no doubt). I had a very nice apartment for myself located in the city center, in the Gothic neighbourhood.
I had the best friends ever (still!!)
I had a nice job and a nice boss… I was traveling abroad, not working long extra hours, and earning well…
But still… I felt my life wasn’t complete. I didn’t know what to do to change this bad feeling, so I began searching a new job, maybe even changing cities if it was necessary, I like when I have to start from zero in another place: looking for an apartment, getting to know new people… but somehow this plan didn’t work. I was helpless.. I wasn’t happy and didn’t know why..but the days kept on passing, and nothing was changing. 
Things to do before leaving: eat all your favourite dishes … and as much as you can!

While feeling like this, the idea of changing my kind of job came to me (bye office jobs)! Even changing continents (bye bye Europe)! Actually what came to my mind was  changing my way of life and becoming a nomad.

As I wrote before, to become a nomad there are certain things you might do before saying goodbye to your actual “non nomad” life (Nomad as a Way of Life. Part I).

So now I thought I’ll tell you what you should think about, when you are “getting started” to begin this new way of life. Once you decided how are you going to spend your time while traveling (apart of traveling around, of course) there are many things you have to do before leaving your home. Here is kind of the “to do list”:

  • buy your one way flight ticket… this will be your “key date”
  • gather strength, and quit your job (Tip: leave some days/weeks between your last working day and your “key date” to say goodbye to everyone and do all the “to do’s” before leaving)
  • if you are renting, quit your flat contract. If you own a flat, rent it!
  • get a doctor/dentist appointment for general check outs to leave your home super healthy
  • get all the tropical vaccines at least 1  month and a 1/2 before the “key date” (when needed)
  • search for an accident insurance for abroad. World Nomads is very “traveler friendly”
  • start selling all your stuff. Wallapop is a very useful tool for this
  • start packing… is going to be hard to put all your belongings in only one backpack
  • quit your cellphone contract (some companies give you the chance to change to pre-pay and you can keep your number)
  • give a power of attorney of your bank accounts to someone else, in case you loose your credit card, etc
  • get a new passport, some visas required a full page
  • look out if you need visas, and get them in advance (they can take up to a month, depending on the country)
  • if you plan to have a blog during your trip, start designing one some weeks before. WordPress is very good and there are many tutorials in You Tube to get started
  • organice a nice farewell party to show your people how much you are going to miss them while being abroad, and let them know, that you DO expect their visit!
  • eat all your favourite food as many times as possible before leaving
  • keep telling your parents you are going to send them WhatsApp’s everyday to let them know that you are alive! :)p

I think this is all I’ve done before being able to be right now, sitting  on the terrace of
Cumbuco Guesthouse… feeling the cooling night breeze… and the most important… feeling FREE.


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