10 things you should keep in mind while packing!

Finally that great moment you have been waiting for months arrived! Only a few hours before that flight takes you to your next adventure… and you don’t know what to pack!!!

Yes, it happened to me, too. I think everybody struggles when they what to put all their favourite summer  cloth inside one backpack for their next adventure, and obviously, it doesn’t fit!

I thought that before we start talking about destinations, paradise beaches, amazing cities and other unforgettable places… we pack our suitcases & backpacks!

Here I tell you the 10 things you have to keep in mind while packing, it doesn’t matter if it’s a week trip, a month or an year!


1) Which kind of suitcase or size should I take?  If it’s a weekend trip or a week (and it’s summer) you should be able to put all your belonging in a hand luggage. It will make your trip much easier: airlines won’t loose your luggage because you can take it with you and you will be able to move around very easily because this suitcases come usually with wheels. If you are doing a longer trip where you will be visiting may places/cities, you should better take a backpack from maximum 50/60 litres: its much easier to move around than those big suitcases with wheels… believe me! Not everywhere you go, you will find a suitable surface to drag them comfortably.

2) When packing, almost all the clothes (or at least 90% of them) should match with each other. In this way you make sure you will use everything you pack and if it’s dark and you have to get dress on a hurry… you might be matching as well! Also dresses are great! They only need to match your havaianas!!!

3) Even though you are heading to the summer, always take with you at least one  long sleeves T-shirt/shirt and a pair of pants/leggings to wear in the flight or bus trips. Flights as well as buses (boats, etc) always have super power AC’s on, and you might freeze. If you want to travel comfortable, always take something to wear with you.

4) If traveling around Europe you need to keep in mind the amount of liquids you are allowed to take in your hand luggage: only 100ml packages and a maximum of 1 liter. If you are traveling for more than a few days, I recommend you to buy shampoo, body lotion, sun lotion, etc upon arrival so you know you will have enough for your hole trip, and you can still travel light with a small hand luggage. The States  as well as Australia and South East Asia also have restrictions when you want to carry liquids in your hand luggage. In South America  there are no restrictions!

5) Even though nowadays all smartphones can take great pictures, if you have a camera, take it with you! The pictures might be much better (better zoom, night pictures option, etc) and you can leave your phone in the hotel and forget about WhatsApp for a while. There are also great waterproof cameras for those who spend their holidays @ the beach, underwater or doing water sports. Also GoPro’s are a great option for those adventure trips and action sports. Don’t forget to pack charger (adapter if needed), and if posible extra batteries as well as an extra memory card!

Waterproof cameras: a must in your backpack!
underwater camera

6) Important documents you should pack: don’t forget your passport and/or ID. It’s very useful to take copies of your passport/ID, in case you prefer to leave the original one in the hotel and take a copy with you. Depending on your destination, you should pack your vaccines certificate. For the ones with travel insurance, check before leaving what you have to do in case of an emergency, and keep a copy in your bag. For the ones that did reservations before, is better to check how to get there and print a map to take with you, not always is free WiFi available. Don’t forget your drivers licence if you plan to rent a car, motorbike, etc. If possible, try to do your check in online, to save time lining up @ the airport.

7) It’s always useful to take some of the medicine you need when you have headaches, stomachache, allergies, etc. If heading to tropical countries, check out which medicine is recommended to take in case of typical deseases happening there like diarrhea, etc.

8) Love reading? Always carry a book with you, at least one!  If you take a book with you, once you finish it, you might have the opportunity to exchange it with another one you haven’t read. In some hotels or B&B they have shelves where you leave a book and take a new one!

9) For the nature lovers ones heading to the mountains check out which technical equipment is required before going there, for sure in decathlon you might find everything you need to be prepare for storms, wind, cold & hot days all together!!!

10) How to pack! Yes, this is always our main question, how do we feet all our stuff into our suitcases, backpacks, etc..

Well, I follow once this video, and I have to say this guy is the packing God!!! This technique is great, watch out all the things he can pack in his bag… and believe me I tried it out, and it worked!

So now, that everything is packed… it’s time to go the airport and enjoy the trip!









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