Let’s get started: Nomad as a way of life. Part I

Have you ever dreamed of changing your life? Leaving the office and starting a new lifestyle? Wondering around the world and traveling as a living?

I thought about it a lot of times, I dream about it many more. One day I started to plan this change: once you take this decision of changing your lifestyle, there are many things you have to keep in mind. Since I took the decision until I finally did it, it took me around 6 months of preparation.

Picture by Guido Schauwecker! 🙂

I thought that before telling you my experiences while traveling, today I want to start explain you how to plan a long trip, but when I mean long, I’m talking of an “open end” trip, of a couple of years: being a nomad.

For me, the first thing you have to think about it’s how you are going to live when your saving are over! While traveling there are many things you can do to earn money. There’s also the possibility of exchanging services. So what would you like to do while traveling?

– teach languages? learn new languages to live & work in other countries?
– be sports instructor?
– you prefer to be surrounded by other travellers?
– you have IT skills?
– you love pets or being surrounded by nature?
– you prefer sailing? …

Ask yourself which is your favourite hobby or which things would you like to do while wondering around the world, and get started to prepare yourself!

In my case I decided I wanted to practice water action sports, like kitesurfing, go sailing and write a blog. Once you have an idea of what would you do, you start preparing yourself: start courses, study for exams, and achieve all the necessary certificates to succeed in your new nomad life!

If you want to teach a language abroad, inform yourself which certificates you need (for example in case of teaching English you might want to have the TOEFL certificate)

For the once who prefer to be sport instructors, think about the first aid courses and CPR  as well as any other necessary certification, which are different in every case: diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, etc.

In case of wanting to work with other fellow travellers at hostels, there are a few webpages where you can suscribe for a fee (around 20 dollars per year) and be able to apply for this kind of jobs: worldpackers, HostelJobs, WorkAway

If you are more in the “digital nomad” there are 2 really good websites where you can find many jobs for IT developers, translations, writing, etc: Elance and Odesk. 

For animal & nature lovers there are more options: Wwoof and Farm Travel Jobs, which are related with jobs helping in farms. There is also the possibility of doing “housesitting“: Mind my House, House Sit World. When the owners of the pets go traveling and they need somebody to take care of the house and the animals, they post these opportunities in these pages.

If you love sailing there are also opportunities with boats which need crew: Crew Seekers, CrewBay, Reddit

In case you are not sure what you want to do, these links have  like a “mix” of different opportunities for volunteering worldwide: Your Travel Jobs, Volunteers Base, Work Away.

Many countries also offer “working holiday” visas, which allow you to work & travel in the country of issue for a period of time (normally 1 year). The most usual destinations for these visas are Canada, New Zeland & Australia. Check out if your country has any agreements to allow you to apply for this visa.

Obviously there are more ideas and fields where you could work while traveling, but these are only some, to make you start thinking and dreaming about that new life, which is not difficult to achieve!

In the 2nd post related with this topic, I will give you some tips of the “to do’s” before leaving…and then it’s time to start your new lifestyle!

Time to say goodbye…

It’s a strange way to start… normally people starts saying hello and at the end they say goodbye. This time is going to be the other way round.

I start saying goodbye, because today, a new chapter of my life begins: after 15 years in Europe I’m moving to Brazil to begin an adventure: 1 big backpack (and heavy!), a laptop & a camera its all I’m taking with me… That and a lot of amazing memories of this great 15 years!

I’m not sure if I’m sad, happy, nervous or hysterical! Maybe all those feelings and much more, altogether.

For this new chapter, I decided I will start this blog…and you wonder why.
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In July 2014, when I decided to leave Barcelona (Not an easy decision) to move to Brazil and learn to kite surf to become an instructor… I finally felt free! I love Barcelona and the people I met here, but I wasn’t feeling complete! I felt I was just trying to fit in the society working at the office 5 times a week, getting my salary at the end of the month traveling during the weekend, and waiting for Friday to arrive… Or waiting for the summer to do some nice backpacking trips to interesting places.

With this new way of leaving, I don’t want to be waiting for Friday… I want to enjoy every single day!!!
This is the reason why I begin with this blog, to inspire people to travel, to feel free and to enjoy every single day of their lives. Why? BECAUSE WE ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!

So I hope that every time you read one of my posts, you can imagine yourself in that place… or inspires you to start planing how to follow your dreams… the way I’m fullfilling mines.
Let’s start this adventure full of challenges together…